Monday, 19 September 2011

Safety Sells: product stewardship and sustainability for nanotechnology

NovioNano® is the trusted provider of safety solutions for all nanotechnologies and its products.

Being at the forefront of nanosafety since 2006, we aid companies to gain maximum understanding on safety of their nanoproducts - during manufacturing as well as in-use. No matter if you are a nanotechnologies producer, a user or both, we have all the tools to support your business.

Safety is regarded too often as a burdensome nuisance and a money guzzler. An opinion that couldn’t be more wrong. Safety is a top-priority for consumers and, as a consequence, safety facts are a means to create value. Also, companies with high standards in occupational safety and product safety perform better1.

As an important building block for your business development, product stewardship and sustainability for nanotechnology products can be evaluated by Novionano ® for their safety. In this month’s newsflash, we feature our state of the art occupational safety package. What can we do for you to determine the occupational safety of your nanoproduct offerings?

Novionano® offers a comprehensive nano safety management package based on real data. This includes:

1) Inventory of nanomaterials (optional: assessment of Safety Data Sheets)
2) Identification of emission sources of nano-sized particles and aerosols from lab
scale to industrial production (Figure 1)
3) Exposure measurements (PIMEX Movie)
4) Sampling and offline analysis of emitted materials in our nanolab
5) Interpretation and advise according to current recommendations by OECD, ISO,
EPA, ASTM 2, including training

Fig 1. State of the art nano-particles measurement equipment, the Philips Aerasense NanoTracer® which determines particle numbers and diameters ranging from 10-300 nanometer.

PIMEX, PIcture Mix Exposure

The main idea of this unique combination of real time video and simultaneous NanoTracer® measurements, is to make invisible hazards in the work environment like exposure to dangerous chemicals, nanoparticles, physical load and noise, visible and in this manner facilitate the reduction of hazards in workplaces.

1 Harvard Business Review. DOI : 10.1225/692042
2 OECD: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development; ISO:International Organization for Standardization; EPA: Environmental Protection Agency USA; ASTM:formerly known as American Society for Testing and Materials


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Don’t miss next month’s NovioNano® news feature which will be on the topic of “Product Perfection": a focus on physical-chemical characterization and toxicity testing of nanoproducts.

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