Wednesday, 7 March 2012

EU Nanomaterials Regulation – Clarify the Impact on Your Business

At the end of 2011 the EU Commission published a recommended definition of Nanomaterials.  Seasoned Commission-watchers recognised this much-anticipated document as a turning point, likely to have significant legislative impact on producers of Nanomaterials in Europe and beyond.   This definition was the missing jigsaw piece that so many legislators and NGOs anticipated, to forward a robust framework for nanotechnology legislation.

Two industry reactions are observed.  Whilst all would agree that the right legislative framework will enable major investment in nanotechnology, a large industry group are doing nothing and hoping perhaps that it goes away, whilst others are thinking through potential solutions.  Having tracked the scientific consultative effort in preparation to get to this stage, NanoSight believes this definition is here to stay and will have significant impact.

On Wednesday, 21st March at 1330 and 1500 UK time, NanoSight will host a webinar to look at the implications of this definition and how as a company, with unique multi-parameter nanoparticle analysis, is able to address these freshly defined characterization challenges. The invited speaker is Dr Denis Koltsov, a leading international expert in nanotechnology legislation and control. Dr Koltsov serves on several UK governmental strategy committees. He also operates BREC Solutions, a consultancy company in the field of nanotechnology innovation. In his talk, he will examine the definition in detail and provide a thorough understanding of the document. Dr Koltsov will outline his views on the likely speed and scope of legislation.

NanoSight will present a practical draft solution to address the characterization requirements of this definition. Requiring as it does, particle counting from 1 to 100nm, a combination of Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis and Electron Microscopy is proposed. This webinar will be both informative and interactive.  You are invited to register and join in the discussions on this important issue:

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