Monday, 8 October 2012

Technology Briefing and Scouting Report on Flexible Graphene Composites

The technology scouting services arm of Del Stark Technology Solutions has published a new technology briefing on Flexible Graphene Composites.  The port provides access to news, patents, academic research findings and also supplies company details with contacts, graphene pricing and market values.  The report also highlights universities and institutes working in the field, as well as, companies and research organisations that are patenting.
Many diverse topics relating to energy storage, rechargeable lithium batteries, supercapacitors, electrochemical activity, transparent conductive thin films, conductive nanocomposites, sensing, clean energy, solar cells, biocompatibility, as wells as, preparation, characterisation, performance and manufacturing are also described in the report.
Graphene is a material that has been making headlines across the globe.  It’s many interesting properties makes it of huge interest to academic scientists and industrial companies.  Graphene is extremely thin, stiff and strong, a conductor of heat and electricity and it is also ductile.  Discover the latest research results which your company can optimise for future business opportunities. 

Report Cost:  £350
(VAT is not charged)
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