Thursday, 6 March 2014

HVM Graphene+ 2014 Oxford

Conference & Exhibition: Applications of carbon-based functional materials
15 May 2014. Oxford, UK

This is the only conference series that covers commercial applications of carbon-based materials from carbon-black to CNTs to graphene. This new angle brings in a whole value network of near-to-market and at-market applications and looks at the best materials for apps and ways to manufacture them. It also features a policy debate - a chance to discuss openly how relevant markets are moving forward and where necessary, how they are supported.

This year we build on the success in Cambridge in November 2013, with a conference covering applications for the electronics, lighting, drug delivery, packaging & energy through the wider carbon-based functional materials & composites, including graphene & 2d planars, carbon nanotubes, novel diamonds and related materials whose applications range across large global growth markets and where the research & innovation are at varying levels of development.

The Conference is chaired by Professor Pete Dobson of Oxford University & will begin with a wide-ranging introduction to research, theory and applications by Professor Vladmir Falko.
  • Carbon-based Functional Materials & Composites
  • Materials in manufacturing, electronics, lighting, drugs, packaging & energy
  • Lunch networking, meetings and exhibition
  • Innovator Case Studies and presentations
  • Policy debate: innovation | funding | IP & commercialisation

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