Thursday, 6 March 2014

New Graphene and Healthcare Report Published

A new report published by Del Stark Technology Solutions and JE Science reviews potential applications of graphene to healthcare, including drug delivery, tissue engineering, cancer treatments and bio-sensing.  The report highlights some of the latest research taking place around the globe (a review of 107 journal papers) and comments on the patent landscape (86 separate patent applications are profiled). 

The report also presents views from experts regarding graphene’s future place in the healthcare market and tackles questions such as: 
  • How close are we to these applications being realized?
  • In terms of biocompatibility, what should be considered for clinical use and patient care?
  • Will graphene-based devices and therapies outperform those currently on the market?
  • Can healthcare companies take advantage of graphene just now?
  • What else should companies take into account when considering graphene for healthcare applications? 
View the Table of Contents and Executive Summary:

To order your copy or to request further information please contact Del Stark via:
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Report Cost - Electronic (PDF) Copy:
  • Single User License PDF: £600
  • Multi User PDF License at the Same Location: £850
  • Corporate User License PDF: £1150

About the authors: Del Stark Technology Solutions is a nanotechnology consultancy and JE Science provides expert written content for science and technology companies and organizations. They have recently joined forces to produce and publish a series of authoritative technology briefings on the nanotechnology sector, containing up-to-date information on research, patents and business activity.

Graphene:  Graphene has been heralded “a wonder material” that has the potential to revolutionise many different technologies including electronics, batteries and solar cells. Articles appear in the press on a daily basis showcasing advanced products based on graphene, such as flexible mobile communication devices and next-generation coatings and printing inks. Nanotechnology experts believe that companies should be looking at graphene and identifying applications that will create future value. Nevertheless, despite all the attention in the media and recent Government funding, not much consideration has so far not been afforded graphene’s impact on the healthcare industry. 

That is until now: order a copy of the Graphene for Healthcare Report and learn about these advancing business opportunities. 

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